Many tourists want to spend their holidays in an active manner. The Crikvenica Riviera and the surrounding area offer plenty of opportunities to do sports in the water, on land and in the air.

The area's wide range of sporting facilities, especially those designed for children and competition, will delight those who love a healthy way of life and who enjoy taking active holidays throughout the year. The area's sporting facilities combined with the beneficial local climate make the Crikvenica Riviera ideal for athletes in training for competition.

Crikvenica has two sports halls, suitable both for recreation and professional athletes. The Crikvenica Riviera abounds in sporting and recreational facilities, offering something for every taste: handball, basketball, volleyball, badminton, indoor football, tennis, table tennis, diving, fishing, swimming and sailing. The area also offers a variety of interesting cycling and hiking trails, as well as footpaths and promenades along the coastline or in the verdant hinterland, which are ideal for all nature lovers.

The town of Crikvenica and its surroundings offer excellent opportunities for cycling enthusiasts, especially those interested in mountain-biking. This is primarily due to the interesting configuration of the land, which includes the lowland part of the Vinodol Valley and the island of Krk, and routes that lead from the sea to an elevation of 1,200 metres, all within 35 kilometres of Crikvenica. This type of terrain offers excellent conditions for cycling enthusiasts and more demanding professionals looking for interesting routes within a range of 150 km.

Because of its diversity, the terrain is interesting both for individuals and groups of cyclists, who can obtain complete logistic support by arrangement with the members of Crikvenica Cycling Club. The area's beautiful vantage points (the "Eyes of Vinodol" project) and a variety of beautiful landscapes, such as the seldom explored areas of the Vinodol Valley, the unspoilt nature of the island of Krk, and the high forests of Gorski kotar, will surely delight cycling enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. If we add to this the mild, pleasant and extraordinarily favourable climate of the Crikvenica area (approximately 2,500 hours of sunshine a year), which provides excellent conditions for cycling for a large part of the year (from March until October), the Crikvenica Riviera is interesting to all those who want to spend their holiday in an active manner and who enjoying riding a bike.

A bike map covering the Crikvenica Riviera, Novi Vinodolski and Vinodol can be obtained at local tourist information centres and includes descriptions of six trails in the area: the Blue Trail; the Green Trail; the Brown Trail; the Carmine Trail – the Lily Route; the Viola Trail; and the Yellow Trail.

A walk along the coast, through a pine forest right by the sea, or through the green hinterland along beautiful fragrant footpaths and hiking trails, is one of the recreational activities worth pursuing here. The area of Crikvenica, Dramalj, Jadranovo, Selce, Novi Vinodolski and Vinodol offers, among other things, seven interesting walking trails: the Waves Trail, the Karst and Sage Trail, the Cliff Trail, the Green Trail, the Heavenly Trail, the Roman Trail, and the Degenia Trail.

The Crikvenica Riviera and its surroundings abound in interesting and attractive dive sites. The area's diving centres offer programmes suitable for professional divers, but also for those who want to take their first diving steps and experience the magic of the beautiful underwater world for the first time. Due to the increased number of people interested in diving, the number of services and facilities is constantly growing.

Local diving clubs organise a variety of underwater activities such as diving schools and excursions, provide useful advice, rent diving equipment, and also provide services or help in the event of accidents. It is important to remember that diving is only allowed with a valid certificate issued by the Croatian Diving Federation.

The Kačjak Sports Centre is located in a pine forest at the top of the Kačjak promontory, only three kilometres from the centre of Crikvenica.

The centre includes three tennis courts (2 clay and 1 concrete), a playing area for five-a-side football and basketball, a badminton court, and a mini golf course. Kačjak also features a keep-fit trail that leads around the peninsula along the coastline.

Ski Taxi Ahel is located on the beautiful beach in the centre of Jadranovo and offers a wide range of sporting and recreational facilities (banana or tube rides, water-skiing, wakeboarding, water skateboarding, water taxi, etc.)

Fishing clubs that are active in the area of the Town of Crikvenica organise various fishing events during the summer season. In Crikvenica, Dramalj and Selce visitors can go fishing with their hosts during the Fishing with Guests event. In addition, the clubs organise international and local fishing competitions. Jadranovo traditionally hosts the Paddles of St. James (Jakovarska vesla) rowing regatta, which is open to local people and visitors.

Visitors can also go fishing on their own, which requires a fishing permit.